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How can, and why should, local bodies enable digital infrastructure for their local communities?     

Wed, 23 October at 2.00 pm

The investment in digital infrastructure will continue across the UK to support this essential driver for the future success of our economy, but current levels of investment suggest a purely returns based, rather than social, model.  This may be short sighted from a UK plc position as key benefits require a normalisation of service for all.  There is tacit acceptance that: 

Digital connectivity is essential to creating a better society.

Digital inclusion can help people gain employment, become more financially secure and improve health and well-being.

Digital connectivity is essential to fulfilling the potential of innovative technologies that  will change how we work, spend our leisure time and run our public services.

But the reality is demand for connectivity in areas where geography, logistics or economics – or a combination of all three – make it difficult. Which is why local government and local bodies need to do more to develop, facilitate and implement local connectivity within their communities.      

Speakers - Darren Kilburn,  Principal Consultant from FarrPoint and Tracey Sheehan, Head of Telecommunications at the law firm Hill Dickinson


Powering Full-Fibre Networks with 10Gigabit
Tue, Jul 9, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST
All around the UK and EU-28 there’s tremendous buzz with both existing and new alt-net providers rolling out “full-fibre” networks. However, all these providers are faced with the stark reality that fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks built around 15-year-old GPON technology could become tremendously strained as emerging 4K and 360º video, streaming gaming services, high-bandwidth enterprise applications and 5G mobile backhaul are set to consume capacity.
Speaker - Eric Joyce, Business Development Manager, ADTRAN
Volt DB - Is your 5G data architecture ready for microservices? (June 2019)
5G architecture recommends a service-based approach to enable end-to-end software defined network functions. Initially virtualization-based and now heading toward containerization, a service-based approach inherently leads to a need for separation of state and business logic. What is missing in this thought-line is a clear understanding of the nuances of this separation
Featured Speaker - Dheeraj Remella, Chief Technologist,
Nokia - Gigabit your way (May 2019)
The drive towards Gigabit broadband is accelerating and the first-to-move broadband providers are almost guaranteed to control the market. So how do you get your customers to a Gigabit?
Speakers - Ana Pesovic, Director Fixed Access Marketing AND Eric Festraets, Director Strategy Fixed Access Marketing
Capitalising on the home router to deliver end-user services: the opportunity for service providers 
End-user services such as Antivirus and Parental Control delivered via the home router is a huge and fast growing market, estimated at $221B in 2019, but capitalising on it is not without difficultuies. 
In this webinar, software experts Inango have joined Total Telecom to examine how Service Providers can create a rich portfolio of services for their end users.
Real-Time Data Monetization: New Game New Rules for 5G 
With the impending move to end-to-end 5G in 2019, it’s never too early to investigate and understand how data plays an important role in new use cases to increase revenue - and thwarting threats to that revenue - by managing fraud in real-time. 
In this webinar, we will discuss strategies and use cases to ensure a future-ready data architecture for a 5G rollout.
How Airtel Helped Operators to monetize A2P messaging 
Over the last few years’ leading ISV’s, Content companies, e-commerce firms and organizations from other varied industries ranging from automobiles to transportation to healthcare have increasingly started using SMS as a platform to communicate with their customers. This has resulted in an explosion in the adoption of SMS as a medium of choice for sending one-time passwords (OTPs), two-factor authentications (2FA), transaction alerts, promotional marketing messages, and delivery confirmations, to name a few. According to research firm Ovum, the number of A2P messages sent is expected to touch a staggering 2.2 trillion this year.
Getting to gigabit with unlicensed mmWave 
Obstacles get in the way of achieving 100% coverage with fiber and the industry has responded with copper, coax and Fixed Wireless Access solutions to extend gigabit services to areas where no fiber has gone before. The promise of 5G has  brought Fixed Wireless Access into the forefront again.  But what about operators that have not invested in spectrum? One of the most promising wireless technologies is WiGig (60Ghz 802.11ad) which can drive gigabit speeds to end users. Since it uses unlicensed spectrum, WiGig is available to any operator including traditional fixed operators that don’t currently own any licensed spectrum.
Validating the SD-Access Promise: Operator Use Cases 
Service providers are desperately trying to stay relevant as over the top (OTT) content providers vie for subscriber mindshare. At the same time, due to competitive price pressures service providers need to reduce the cost of deploying and operating the new technologies they require to support subscriber demand for bandwidth.
The Building Blocks of Telco Transformation
Featuring: Ronan Kelly, CTO EMEA & APAC Regions at ADTRAN and Michael Dargue, Principal Consultant at Cartesian   
The telecommunications industry is changing as new access technologies and open, software-defined architectures allow for a more flexible and scalable access infrastructure. At the same time, the CSPs are realizing the power of the “Network Effect” and looking to new approaches to monetizing their network investments.
This webinar focused on some of the key elements that will influence telco transformation in the near future, and will determine which operators bathe in success, and which ones being consumed in the pool of consolidation.
How professional services play an essential role in service provider digital transformation
Michael Sullivan-Trainor: Executive Strategy Analyst, Technology Business Research 
Emmanuel Amamoo-Otchere: CMO - Carrier Software Service, Huawei 
Commercializing NFV – is vCPE the first step
Recorded 22 November 2016
Ilan Tevet, Head of Service Provider Line of Business for RAD
Elizabeth Bavin, Solutions Marketing Manager for Amdocs
Learn Why Hyper Innovation is Critical for 5G IoT Success
Recorded 3 November 2016
Steve Corcoran, Head of Strategy, Mitel Mobility
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