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Advancing the Gigabit Society

Total Telecom has partnered with ADTRAN to provide insights into the progress towards a Gigabit society. 
ADTRAN is enabling communities and connecting lives as it defines the future network. A Gigabit Society is well within reach and ADTRAN is at the forefront of this movement offering one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of industry-leading, innovative solutions for  Gigabit services delivery. Broadband is transforming the way we live, work and play and Gigabit services will amplify this change even more. This is an exciting journey and we invite you to join us.
Top 5 Reasons To Choose ADTRAN RFOG Solutions  
Radio frequency over glass (RFoG) is a deep-fiber network design in which the coax portion of the hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network is replaced by a single-fiber passive optical network.


5G And Next Generation FTTH  
The evolution to 5G wireless is already well underway, and the implications for the broadband industry and society as a whole are enormous.


Keys to Accelerating Gigabit Rollouts  
This video highlights why fiber deep is important to MSOs.


Moving Telecom To A Web-Scale Platform  
The telecommunications market is undergoing the most rapid shift in technology in its history as infrastructure migrates to a software-defined, programmable model that was pioneered by the leading cloud providers.


The Open SD-Access Network: Why Now?  
As a number of factors converge to herald a new software defined shift, and with SD access becoming mainstream, software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) are increasingly working their way into the wider communications discussion. has a perception problem  
Broadband access kit maker calls for differentiation between long-loop and short-loop implementations.


Gigabit to the MDU
Providing premium broadband to the Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) market is a major opportunity for service providers...


G.Fast - Enabling the Gigabit Society
Initially seen by some as a niche technology, the technology’s champions saw as a key contributor to enabling the emerging Gigabit Society.


Enabling Communities Connecting Lives
The rate of change is constantly accelerating. This is evident when you look at the network and realize that in less than a decade we have seen the emergence and domination of smart phones, tablets and a wealth of connected devices.


lnfographic - G.Fast Access To Subscriber Terminal 
The infographic will give you an overview of G.Fast access to the subscriber terminal, a key part of the broadband toolkit.


Deploying 10 Gigabit SD-Access Networks
Using The Emerging NG-PON2 And XGS-PON Standards To Build Next-Gen Broadband Networks - A Whitepaper By ADTRAN.


ADTRAN: CORD, SD-Access Transforms Operator Networks  
Service providers have the rare opportunity to transform both their networks and businesses by embracing next-generation access technologies that deliver the webscale data center economies and cloud agility 5G and gigabit societies need.


VIDEO: Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives
This video highlights how OnlineNW is transforming the rural community of Dayton, OR, with a 10 Gigabit fiber network. Through partnership with the local community and schools, OnlineNW is empowering Dayton to re-imagine the opportunities that exist in a rural area.


VIDEO: Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives – Rocket Fiber: Detroit, MI
This video from ADTRAN highlights Detroit, MI, where Rocket Fiber was determined to continue pushing Detroit’s resurgence forward after a significant economic recession by building a 10 Gigabit capable network. Rocket Fiber believes their connectivity will provide yet another spark for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Motor City.


VIDEO: The advantages of software-defined access
Total Telecom met ADTRAN’s AVP, Carrier Strategy Robert Conger at FTTH Conference 2017. At the show ADTRAN were demoing their software-defined access architecture CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) and Robert took us through some of the key advantages of this new technology.


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