Monday, 17 December 2018

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Huawei Receives Malaysia MDC Award

Assure High-Quality Communications in Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Grand Pix brought 200 thousand people to Monaco, which is 6 times of its population. Huawei Key Event Assurance Service helps Monaco Telecom make the excellent assurance, as its CTO said,” The users and data increased 1 time than last year, but we still have excellent network performance. That’s an amazing and impressive assurance.”  Watch the video...  


Accurate LTE Planning Increases Investment Efficiency
Evolving managed services from network efficiency to value creation
HetNet Integration Solution Helps Telcos Improve User Experience

Refarming Service Solution Improves Network Spectrum Efficiency

TDC and Huawei Managed Services Strategic Partnership
E2E network planning & engineering

Huawei warehouse-based DC integration service


Efficient LTE Bearer Network Planning Assists Telcos in Smooth Network Evolution

Success Stories

WindmillKPN: E2E planning and engineering Service Accelerate Service Launch

VIVA: Operational Excellence with Huawei Managed Services in Kuwait
China Mobile: Operation & Maintenance Capability Enhancement via Technical Expert Development Program Bharti Airtel: Improving Services, Networks, and User Experience Through Coordinated Network Planning and Load Balancing
Multivendor Network Optimization Helps Ghana MTN Lead the Market  
 Dr Leroy Blimegger


Creating value from managed services - Dr Leroy Blimegger

Dr. Blimegger has shared the development of Huawei Managed Services business, from when the business unit was setup, to change in focus on value creation in recent years.  He had also explained the future Huawei Managed Services in the new NFV/SDN era.

 Giles Vincent - Huawei  Jonathan Hopkinson Kris Szaniawski   Mark Rose 
 How to improve operational efficiency

Helping Telcos to transform their operations

How services vendors help operators to address CEM Evolving operations to creating value