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Ofcom: UK has golden opportunity to provide nationwide mobile coverage
19/Jun/2018 [News] Ofcom has announced that it will auction off spectrum in the 700MHz band next year, but winning bidders will be subject to strict obligations to help boost geographical coverage in the UK
Ofcom raises concerns over BT's involvement in Openreach's strategic planning
15/Jun/2018 [News] Ofcom has published its first report into the separation of BT and Openreach and found that while progress has been broadly satisfactory, concerns arise over BT's influence over Openreach's long term strategic planning
Life after Gavin Patterson - What's next for BT?
15/Jun/2018 [News] With current CEO, Gavin Patterson, agreeing to step down after more than 5 years at the helm, a host of challenges and opportunities await his successor, whoever they may be…
BT's CEO advises his successor to work with regulators and protect Britain's digital future
12/Jun/2018 [News] Gavin Patterson said that building relationships with the UK regulatory authorities was among the top-3 challenges of his role as CEO of BT Group
The 5G business case needs closer scrutiny
01/Jun/2018 [Viewpoint] Angel Dobardziev For The Total Telecom Content Network
Three UK announces senior management changes
29/May/2018 [News] Three has announced a number of promotions to its senior leadership team as the MNO shapes up for the UK's 5G rollout next year
Could the UK ever be a European full fibre champion?
25/May/2018 [News] The UK government called for a renewed focus on fibre networks, but is the country capable of catching up to its European neighbours anytime soon?
TechUK: UK broadband customers get a lot of gigabytes for their buck
16/May/2018 [Viewpoint] By Chris Kelly, Total Telecom
And the award for outstanding customer service goes to… No one!
04/May/2018 [News] Ofcom's latest report reveals that the UK's internet service providers are providing woefully inadequate levels of customer satisfaction
Ofcom urges MNOs to work more collaboratively on spectrum
03/May/2018 [News] Ofcom's group director for spectrum called on the UK's MNOs to work together to devise strategies for more effective spectrum management
Challenger operators will drive FTTH uptake in the UK
03/May/2018 [News] Currently less than 1 per cent of UK properties can access FTTH services
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