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Global smartphone sales down but Huawei continues rapid growth
02/Nov/2018 [News] Samsung remains the biggest producer of smartphones in the world, but Huawei is fast closing the gap on the South Korean giant
Apple and Samsung fined for deliberately sabotaging their older handsets
24/Oct/2018 [News] The ruling is thought to be the first of its kind in Europe, with both companies receiving the maximum fine possible under Italy's antitrust laws
SK Telecom, Samsung complete 5G call
17/Oct/2018 [News] Korean operator claims to be 'several months ahead' of global competitors in race to 5G
Huawei willing to work with government to allay Korea's 5G security fears
08/Oct/2018 [News] Korea's big three network operators are currently in the final stages of selecting their technology partners for their 5G rollout programmes
From Retail to “Me-tail”: The customers of tomorrow are here – and they’re changing everything.
03/Oct/2018 [Viewpoint] Interview with Will Gibson, Vice President of Marketing & Amplifier, Maplewave
FCC gives US telcos a $2bn small cell site boost
02/Oct/2018 [News] The move has been hailed as an important step to removing barriers to 5G rollout in the US
AT&T and Synchronoss launch smart building service
28/Sep/2018 [News] The launch comes off the back of a series of smart city research initiatives by the two companies
AT&T and Samsung launch 5G smart factory testbed in the US
27/Sep/2018 [News] The facility will explore a whole range of industrial applications for 5G
eSIM smartphones will disrupt the mobile industry
20/Sep/2018 [Viewpoint] By Angel Dobardziev for the Total Telecom Network