Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Ofcom tells BT to speed up investment in full fibre
04/Dec/2017 [News] Britain currently lags towards the bottom of the full fibre coverage league tables, with only 3% of homes and businesses connected to a full fibre line
Consumers know what they want but not what they need
24/Nov/2017 [News] In 25 years, the Total Telecom editorial team has learned that without a decent network, your AI-powered robot is just a creepy doll
Openreach, housebuilder co-fund FTTH rollout
22/Nov/2017 [News] 3,000 premises on 14 housing developments to get up to 80-Mbps broadband
Vodafone, CityFibre ink major UK fibre deal
09/Nov/2017 [News] Phase one of project will reach 1 million properties in the U.K. at a cost of £500m, with construction set to commence in 2018
Dark fibre not yet hitting the high street in the UK
27/Sep/2017 [News] U.K. regulatory regime hindering fibre rollout, network operators claim