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TalkTalk CEO: Broadband access is a right, not a privilege
19/Jun/2018 [News] TalkTalk's CEO Tristia Harrison says that the UK must boost its FTTP penetration levels, or risk doing irreparable damage to its digital economy
Convergence is the key for BT
18/Jun/2018 [News] In the run up to Connected Britain 2018, we spoke with Marc Allera, CEO of BT's Consumer Group, to find out how the UK's former incumbent telco is gearing up to lead on next generation networks across the UK
Ofcom raises concerns over BT's involvement in Openreach's strategic planning
15/Jun/2018 [News] Ofcom has published its first report into the separation of BT and Openreach and found that while progress has been broadly satisfactory, concerns arise over BT's influence over Openreach's long term strategic planning
Life after Gavin Patterson - What's next for BT?
15/Jun/2018 [News] With current CEO, Gavin Patterson, agreeing to step down after more than 5 years at the helm, a host of challenges and opportunities await his successor, whoever they may be…
Virgin Media launches legal action against local council's 'broadband blockade'
11/Jun/2018 [News] Virgin Media had been working closely with Durham County Council over a network expansion project in the area, but dialogue has broken down over disputed access to key strategic sites
BT begins search for new CEO as Gavin Patterson steps aside
08/Jun/2018 [News] The new CEO is expected to be in place in the second half of this year, with Patterson set to continue in his role until the successor is named
Could the UK ever be a European full fibre champion?
25/May/2018 [News] The UK government called for a renewed focus on fibre networks, but is the country capable of catching up to its European neighbours anytime soon?
UK Govt: We need 15 million FTTH connections by 2025
23/May/2018 [News] The UK's finance minister said that fast-tracking the rollout of full fibre networks would be critical to the development of the UK's digital economy
Openreach invests in Scotland's digital future
21/May/2018 [News] The funding will help to facilitate the training of up to 400 new recruits at Openreach's training academy in Livingstone
TechUK: UK broadband customers get a lot of gigabytes for their buck
16/May/2018 [Viewpoint] By Chris Kelly, Total Telecom