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UK aims for 100% full fibre coverage by 2033
11/Jul/2018 [News] The UK should prepare to switch off its copper based networks by 2025
Huawei and Nokia partner with Openreach to lead 3 million FTTH drive in the UK
10/Jul/2018 [News] Openreach names partners for its Fibre First campaign to roll out full fibre networks in the UK
Nokia and China Mobile partner up in €1bn network and AI agreement
10/Jul/2018 [News] Nokia and China Mobile say that the new initiative will build on long term collaboration between the two companies
It's all kicking off in St Petersburg
06/Jul/2018 [News] 5G announcements come thick and fast as telcos, vendors and policymakers race towards the next generation of mobile technology
Nokia, Tencent team up on 5G R&D
05/Jul/2018 [News] Companies to set up China-based lab, assess potential use cases across multiple verticals
Telenor to coordinate EU 5G PPP project
04/Jul/2018 [News] 5G-VINNI initiative aims to accelerate next-gen network uptake by multiple industry verticals
What are the security implications of 5G?
04/Jul/2018 [Viewpoint] Nokia at Connected Britain 2018
Industry veteran becomes new Sprint CFO
03/Jul/2018 [News] Andrew Davies replaces Michel Combes as US operator's finance chief amidst ongoing merger efforts
Nokia: The 5G race is on
13/Jun/2018 [News] Nokia believe that 5G is arriving ahead of schedule and considerably earlier than many analysts had predicted
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