Sunday, 18 March 2018

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Infracapital makes £270m bid for Gigaclear
12/Mar/2018 [News] Gigaclear's board of directors is set to meet this week to discuss the proposal
CityFibre takes legal action against ASA over use of the term 'fibre'
05/Mar/2018 [News] The Advertising Standards Agency has previously ruled that companies who provide broadband services over hybrid fibre/copper networks can still refer to themselves as providers of fibre broadband services
New Ofcom rules could cut the price of FTTH by up to 50%
23/Feb/2018 [News] Ofcom will also instruct Openreach to make its telegraph poles and underground tunnel infrastructure available to its competitors, opening the door for further investment in fibre projects across the country
Gigaclear and Voneus join forces to bring gigabit connectivity to rural communities
26/Jan/2018 [News] The partnership will bring gigabit capable full fibre broadband to 200 communities across the UK