Sunday, 20 August 2017

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China Unicom shares suspended, new investors to be unveiled imminently
16/Aug/2017 [News] Online giants Alibaba, Baidu,, Tencent reportedly among tech firms set to plough $12 billion into operator.
China Mobile pays dividends as 1H revenue grows 5%
10/Aug/2017 [News] 4G penetration reaches 69%; mobile data accounts for more than 50% of service revenue.
China Unicom fuels investor speculation with Alibaba, Tencent deals
07/Aug/2017 [News] Telco reportedly partners with online giants to set up operating centres in Hangzhou, Shenzhen.
Major cities, global operators partner for seamless WiFi roaming
26/Jul/2017 [Press] Wireless Broadband Alliance
China Unicom still negotiating with potential new investors
24/Jul/2017 [News] Baidu, latest to be named in reports regarding telco's mixed-ownership reform.
M1 back off the block as owners cancel review
19/Jul/2017 [News] Offers from potential buyers did not win over Singaporean telco's parents.
Global 100: Putting the world to rights
07/Jul/2017 [News] Total Telecom's ranking of the top 100 operators returns, with forex causing changes at the top and ambitious players elbowing their way up the table.
Operators need telecoms-specific DevOps capabilities to reach their potential in the new telecoms arena
04/Jul/2017 [Viewpoint] A Knowledge Network article by Total Telecom on behalf of ZTE