How will operators afford to pay for 5G?

While 5G will undoubtedly be a massive benefit to society as a whole, how will telcos ensure that they achieve a decent return on the monumental investment that they will be required to make?

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Over the past few months there has been a noticeable increase in the levels of 5G fanfare. Whether it's Huawei showcasing their futuristic single seater drone taxi, or the flurry of proof of concept testings that have been announced by network operators, you could be forgiven for thinking that the roll out of 5G was just around the corner. Amid the hysteria and hyperbole surrounding the next generation of mobile networks, a number of nagging questions persist - namely why do we need 5G and, perhaps more pertinently, can operators afford to pay for it? At Huawei's Global Mobile Broadband Forum event in London this month…

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