Consumers know what they want but not what they need

In 25 years, the Total Telecom editorial team has learned that without a decent network, your AI-powered robot is just a creepy doll

Oops... Something broke.

We have all heard the old adage that consumers care more about the devices and applications they use than the underlying access. That still holds true, to an extent, which could be a problem for telcos, who are depending upon Joe Public to recognise the need for – and be willing to pay for – their particular flavour of high-speed network access. This week saw the publication of another survey in which respondents voted the smartphone as the most important technological development of the past 25 years. In the study, carried out by U.K. business services provider TSI, 60% of respondents named the smartphone as having had the biggest impact over the last two and a half decades, compared with 30% who described the arrival of dial…

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