Building a case for 5G

Following BT's call for the telecoms industry to 'build a strong business case for 5G', Huawei publishes white paper outlining 10 specific 5G use cases

Oops... Something broke.

With a number of leading telcos conducting high profile 5G tests this past week, the telecoms sector has been abuzz with more than the usual levels of 5G hype. This week Huawei released a white paper detailing 10 specific use cases for 5G, following its Global Mobile Broadband (MBB) Forum in London last week. The white paper comes just days after BT's CEO Gavin Patterson called on the industry to provide a compelling business case for 5G. "If you look at when we went from 3G to 4G, the business case for that was underpinned by the fact that you were going from what was a pretty poor Internet experience to one which really opened up the potential of the Internet on your mobile…

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