Accedian provides virtualised network performance monitoring to TIM Brasil

Oops... Something broke.

TIM Brasil has partnered with Accedian, an international company specializing in end-to-end network performance assurance, to use the SkyLIGHT virtualized solution. Accedian’s award-winning technology monitors and guarantees the performance of the operator's mobile and fixed services throughout the country, as well as ensuring quality and good customer experience, through increased agility and improved processes. TIM Brasil is the first operator in Brazil to use this type of platform for the business services market, which provides for the improvement of the company's current network performance and the improvement of investments in additional infrastructure.

“Our broad range of subscriber services includes wholesale, corporate, LTE mobile voice and data, and residential broadband. A critical part of our service delivery strategy is to assure network growth quality and maintaining the best-in-class customer experience,” said Marcelo Duarte, Wholesale Director at TIM Brasil.

Accedian SkyLIGHT is the industry’s first fully virtualized NFV-based performance assurance solution. TIM Brasil selected Accedian SkyLIGHT based on its performance and cost, as the most appropriate solution for monitoring network performance and ensuring a consistent, high-quality user experience and quality of service for TIM. As a software solution, SkyLIGHT’s flexibility means it can support new network technologies and continue to deliver performance assurance monitoring as TIM Brasil migrates its network to 4.5G and 5G.

“Importantly, SkyLIGHT’s versatility means it will continue to ensure high-quality network performance and user experience as we upgrade our current network - firstly, to 4.5G and then 5G. We’re impressed by the accuracy, flexibility, and scalability of SkyLIGHT, and its significant contribution in enabling us to execute our wider growth strategy, now and into the future,” continued Marcelo.

Accedian SkyLIGHT extends virtualized instrumentation layer capabilities across an entire network – fixed or mobile – and includes service assurance, monitoring of bandwidth usage, services activation testing, and network fault isolation. In addition, SkyLIGHT’s new NFV performance monitoring (PM) capabilities significantly enhance its flexibility and scalability: operators can extend monitoring to locations on their network without existing test functions and without the need to install extra hardware.

“Brazil is the largest market for mobile in South America, and people and companies there are spending more on services like LTE data, broadband and business services,” said Accedian CEO Patrick Ostiguy. “As Brazil’s second largest mobile operator and also an established fixed-line provider, TIM Brasil is well positioned to benefit from this trend. We’re pleased to expand our existing relationship with TIM Brasil and play our part in helping them make the most of this opportunity with our market-leading network assurance technology.”