From CSP To DSP: How CSPs Can Evolve To Beat The Competition - Part 1

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Many communication service providers (CSPs) - from telecom operators to satellite and cable providers - have long operated in a world where they were the only specialists in providing their particular services. But times have changed and they now have to compete with other types of providers.  Whereas we used to call and text people, we now often choose to Skype or WhatsApp instead;  we may have paid up to £40 pcm to receive a vast array of film channels – often including a lot of films that we’d never watch – but today we can pay £9 pcm for Netflix where we can stream a one-off film or TV programme on demand, or get Amazon Video as part of our Prime package. So CSPs can’t continue to depend on their traditional sources of income for profit.  This puts CSPs under constant pressure, not only from OTTs (Over…

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