5G: the beginning of the end for telcos

Some operators have identified the opportunities that will drive future growth, from content and services to data engineering and venture capitalism, but others risk being left exposed in the new world

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5G will be the end of the line for many telecoms operators. You wouldn't think so, given the hype around the next generation of mobile technology from the operator community, but the fact is that 5G will change the landscape of the industry so much that telcos will be caught with their pants down, if they don't act soon to evolve their businesses. 5G represents "a new hope," for telcos who gave away their competitive advantage in the HSPA world and failed to capitalise on the promise of 4G, opening the way for competing providers, Veon's forward-thinking group CTO Yogesh Malik said during a panel session at Total Telecom Congress this week. But Malik cautioned that operators must make sure they get the most out of 5G, rather than merely focusing on data bundle pricing, a position many telcos find themselves in at present. The nature of 5G means network-sharing is now front of mind for many operators, which shifts the focus of differentiation to services from infrastructure. 5G will bring significant network densification…

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