Making friends and selling minutes, but does wholesale really still exist?

Carriers insist personal relationships are still critically important in an increasingly technology-centric world, in which the lines between wholesale and retail are blurring

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Since the dawn of times, or at least of telecoms, carriers have liked nothing better than a good natter with their peers, and if the opportunity to flog a few minutes presents itself, well, so much the better. But as we also learned this week, the market is changing rapidly and the lines of distinction between the wholesale and retail markets are blurring to such an extent that the concept of the carrier in its current guise could soon cease to exist. There is currently a two-speed wholesale market, said Daniel Kurgan, CEO of BICS, speaking at the 20th annual Carriers World event in London on Tuesday. The "good old" legacy wholesale business still exists, where carriers sit down and trade minutes. "…

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