Friday, 14 December 2018

Spirent launches ESP for Spirent Avalanche

Spirent Communciations
Monday 24 June 13

Spirent Communications has introduced ESP (Extreme Scale and Performance) functionality for Spirent Avalanche. These new capabilities test carrier grade security and network device performance for up to 8.5 million HTTP connections per second, which is two and half times the current industry standard, enabling Avalanche customers to validate the exponentially increasing performance expectations driven by the growing numbers of web-connected devices.


Opening just a single webpage can trigger dozens of TCP and UDP connections. When multiplied by millions of web interactions and connected devices, performance metrics such as connections per second and open connections are more important than ever before.


“Spirent has once again applied its market-leading innovation, enabling Avalanche to more than double the performance levels achieved by existing solutions”, said Ankur Chadda, Security Testing Architect at Spirent Communications. “Avalanche ESP dramatically improves the price performance ratio, enabling test managers to maximize the investment in their test tools. Along with the existing support for 100 million open connections and 80Gbps of traffic, Avalanche can replicate the massive amounts of user-generated web transactions seen on today’s networks.”


Test labs can upgrade their existing Spirent C100 appliances to support ESP, thus increasing performance without investment in additional hardware. ESP delivers the industry’s highest connection rate testing capabilities without compromising realism. By combining multiple traffic types, ESP allows test engineers to conduct big picture analysis while monitoring relevant metrics. When combined with Avalanche’s application performance and security capabilities, ESP facilitates realistic recreation of the traffic mix and unique interactions experienced on their networks.


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