Thursday 24 July 2014
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Industry Viewpoints

Opinion pieces from key industry thought-leaders. To submit a pitch for this section, please email: (The views expressed and conclusions drawn within these articles are not necessarily those of Total Telecom or any of its associated partners.)

21/07/14 forward to copper and fibre harmony

Service providers believe that the smart money is on an incremental investment strategy.


The race to the cloud is not a sprint

There's an imperative to act now before competitors occupy the cloud service space, but not at the expense of long-term planning.


When can a phone bill lead to increased customer satisfaction?

'Wireless companies are capitalizing on the advantages that personalized video can provide…'


Improving the mobile video experience

'Video stalling in mobile networks has the largest impact on user engagement…'


T Phone suggests new path for communication platforms at MWC 2014

'T Phone's strength lies in the fact that it can be applied to all smartphones regardless of their manufacturer'


Horses for courses in high stakes next-generation broadband

'Like a knight in shining armour...vectoring has been eagerly trialled by numerous major operators'


Unify OSS and BSS to create invaluable big data insight

'Managing the customer experience is about understanding consumers' requirements as a whole...'


China and Europe: a mutually beneficial ICT partnership

'Pooling thought processes and resources can enable Europe and China to steer the global industry together...'


The value of roaming confidence

'At a time of phenomenal innovation in the telecoms market, roaming continues to be a sore spot for the industry.'


The secret to keeping LTE subscribers happy: Make mobile video work

'Not only do operators need to prove that LTE supports video effectively, they also need to deliver a quality user experience'


Will Android/iOS duopoly fears open a window for Microsoft?

'The conditions exist...for heavily invested Android device manufacturers to begin to diversify'

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