Smartphones have become a national obsession in the UK, with around 11 million adults grabbing their smartphones for a bit of surfing or Facebook updating before they have even had their first cup of coffee.

According to a new study from Deloitte, that means about a third of UK smartphone users look at their device within five minutes of waking up. The situation improves – or worsens, depending on your outlook – in the younger age groups: 67% of 18-24 year olds are engrossed in YouTube or the latest game they are playing within 15 minutes of becoming wakeful.

It seems that we can’t leave our phones along as the day wears on, either: the research shows that one in six UK subscribers look at their device more than 50 times a day. 18-24 year-olds are the most intensive users, checking their device on average 53 times a day – some even as much as 100 times a day.

The older generation tend to be less obsessed, limiting themselves to a mere 13 times a day on average.

Deloitte notes that such obsessive behaviour has even created a new niche market: digital detox camps.

“Mobile phones have clearly become something of an addiction for many and has led to some people looking to unplug their devices and undergo a digital detox. In the UK there are now digital detox camps where you surrender your phone to experience ‘life off the grid’, following the trend in Silicon Valley,” said Ed Marsden.

Deloitte based its findings on a survey of 4,000 respondents in May 2014.