The company that will be formed following a complex, multi-billion deal brokered by three major U.S. cable companies has finally been given a name: GreatLand Connections.

The name was revealed by Charter Communications and Comcast, and will apply to the new company that will be spun off from Comcast upon completion of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable (TWC) merger and the Comcast-Charter transactions. Up until now, the new company has been dubbed ‘SpinCo’, for obvious reasons.

"We are pleased to publicly announce the name of this exciting new company we are building," said Michael Willner, president and CEO of GreatLand Connections. "The name GreatLand Connections pays homage to the rich history and striking geographies of the diverse communities in which the company will operate. It brings to mind our commitment to connecting people and businesses with terrific products and excellent service in the almost 1000 historic communities - large and small - across the 11 states we will serve."

In April Comcast revealed details of a deal that will see it divest a total of 3.9 million subscribers following its planned acquisition of rival TWC, reducing the merged company's market share and boosting that of rival Charter Communications.

The deal, which will comprise three separate transactions, was designed to alleviate any competition concerns regulators might have regarding the $45.2 billion takeover deal.

GreatLand Connections will own and operate former Comcast systems serving about 2.5 million customers across the Midwest and Southeast. At its inception, it is expected to be the fifth-largest cable company in the United States.