The U.S. Department of Justice could give the go-ahead for AT&T's planned acquisition of DirecTV in October after the pair reached agreement on the conditions that will be placed upon it, according to a press report from the other side of the Atlantic.

The New York Post on Monday cited an unnamed source as saying that AT&T and the DoJ have worked out a plan that will enable the deal to go ahead. The source did not say what – or indeed, if any - conditions the telco has agreed to.

The paper noted that while the agreement means that the DoJ could give its approval in the next couple of months, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has still to rule on the proposed merger.

AT&T agreed to acquire satellite TV operator DirecTV in May for $48.5 billion.

If the deal goes ahead, it will significantly boost AT&T's presence in the U.S. television market, but the telco is facing opposition from a number of angles.

One complainant is Charlie Ergen's Dish Network, which expressed its concerns in a letter to the FCC in July.

The rival satellite TV operator warned that a combined AT&T/DirecTV would have the strength to control the content market, potentially making life difficult for consumers.