A new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) plans to launch services in Mexico later on Thursday.

Maz Tiempo, which brokered a network access deal with Telefonica, announced plans for its launch event on Twitter.

The company's Website is still under construction, but according to various local press reports, the company plans to follow in the footsteps of other Mexican MVNOs – Virgin Mobile, for example - by offering low-priced services with no national roaming charges. Its focus will be primarily on the youth market.

It will charge 0.97 pesos (€0.06) per minute to any destination in Mexico, Celularis reported earlier this week.

Maz Tiempo will launch in Mexico City, but plans to extend services to other markets in the course of time.

On its Facebook page, Maz Tiempo says it will offer voice and data services and a wide range of technologically-advanced phones.

Like Virgin Mobile and a handful of others, Maz Tiempo's entry into the Mexican market is facilitated by efforts on the part of regulator Ifetel to boost competition.