KPN is working with WiFi specialist Fon on a project that will see the companies provide access to 1 million joint hotspots by the end of the year.

The Dutch incumbent's customers have free access to Fon's thousands of hotspots in the country and 13 million worldwide, effective immediately, Fon said in a statement on Friday. As it stands, the partnership includes 200,000 hotspots in the Netherlands.

"Thanks to our partnership with Fon our customers can get free Internet access on all Fon Spots when they are abroad," said Joost Farwerck, managing director of KPN Netherlands.

"We see that our customers want to stay connected with home and this is a perfect solution for this," he added.

"We're happy that KPN is making KPN-Fon available to its entire customer base," said Fon chief operating officer Alex Puregger.

"Soon, KPN customers will enjoy an amazing WiFi coverage in the Netherlands and when traveling. They will thank KPN by being more loyal customers," he predicted.