Vip operator launched its LTE network in major cities in Macedonia earlier this week.

The telco said that at launch its network covers 40% of the Macedonian population in seven cities.

Vip operator launched 4G services "only seven months from the moment the licence became valid," company CEO Nikola Ljushev said, in a statement. He added that the telco has significantly exceeded its coverage requirements: its licence obliges it to reach 20% of the population within two years.

The company acquired 800-MHz and 1800-MHz spectrum licences in July last year at a cost of €10.3 million.

LTE customers have a range of around 20 smartphones to choose from as well as a series of tariff plans, Vip said. However, it warned that customers exceeding their plan's data cap will have their speeds throttled.

The telco has also unveiled a postpaid, LTE-specific plan that gives users 3 GB of data for 299 denars (just under €5) per month.

"The customers' demands for fast Internet are increasing. We are here to meet these needs," said Vip's CMO Gernot Rasch.

"We are offering more options for fast speed lovers, [a] great smartphone portfolio and for sure there will be more to come in [the] next period," he added.