Telecom New Zealand announced on Tuesday that it will adopt its new brand, Spark, from 8 August.

Spark was chosen in October 2013 as the new name for the operator's retail division. Then in February the telco announced that it planned to apply the Spark brand to the whole business.

"Spark is much more than just a new name - it reflects enormous change underway in our business and in the world around us," said CEO Simon Moutter, in a statement.

He explained that transitioning to the new brand requires a vast number of underlying technology changes. Consequently, while the trading name of the legal entity will change to Spark on 8 August, the new branding will be rolled out in stages.

"The technical transition to Spark is extremely complex, especially with so many of our customer services revolving around digital connections via our networks or the Internet," Moutter said. "Phasing in the changes is therefore the best way to reduce the risk of disruptions to customer services and to manage the transition cost-effectively."

As previously announced, the company will change the trading name of the parent to Spark New Zealand from Telecom Corporation of New Zealand. Spark Home, Mobile and Business will replace the Telecom Retail brand, and Gen-i, its enterprise arm, will become Spark Digital Solutions. Meanwhile, Spark Wholesale will be the new name for its wholesale division, while its innovation unit, Telecom Digital Ventures, will change its name to Spark Ventures.

"Spark is a word that has life, energy and links to creativity, the modern tech economy and our desire to enable our customers to thrive," Moutter said. "Spark better represents what we are today."