Twitter presented its mature, grown-up side at CommunicAsia this week, as the microblog service declared it and the likes of Facebook are redefining human interaction.

It took three years, two months and one day for Twitter to reach its first billion Tweets. Today, its members generate a billion Tweets every two days, said Aliza Knox, managing director, Asia Pacific, at Twitter.

"Social media is now so pervasive that I think it won't even have a name next year," she predicted during a keynote presentation. Instead, she thinks it will be called something like 21st century social life.

Rather than draw attention to the hordes of banal messages that appear on Twitter every day, not to mention the amount of bullying that takes place, Knox instead focused on the ability for Twitter to facilitate dialogue between people and politicians, corporations and brands, and its use as a platform for citizen journalism.

To tap its potential, Knox drew up a three-point plan.

"One: embrace social media. Two: leverage it to transform the people and communities around you. Three: Use it to increase your influence," she said. "You can't afford to be left behind."