Telecoms operators are increasingly using big data to help them with customer service and save some cash in the process.

"The new wave is in the care environment," Louis Brun, SVP for Asia-Pacific at big data analytics platform provider Guavus told Total Telecom on Wednesday.

Customer care is a significant cost centre for telecoms operators, he explained. But if they can tap into the data generated by CRM and IVR platforms, they can better understand the root cause of customer issues and spend less money solving them.

One North American cable operator has been using Guavus' platform for customer care for the past three months.

"That carrier will save $50 million this year," Brun said.

In addition, the operator should be able to "increase customer satisfaction [and] loyalty," Brun said.

Guavus has a significant presence in North America, but has yet to gain much traction in Europe.

"We have made very significant progress," Brun insisted. The company has no full deployments of its platform in Europe, but is engaged with carriers in the U.K. and Germany, he said.