The International M2M Council announced its presence to the world on Tuesday at an event at which it also named its newest members, Telecom Italia included.

"This is kind of our coming out party," IMC executive director Keith Kreisher said at a networking event in Barcelona. "We are announcing a couple of new members; Telecom Italia joins us," he said, also naming Inmarsat and Synapse Wireless.

The IMC was formed last year, its founder members including some key names in the M2M space, like AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Oracle and Iridium. Its mission is to "prove the business case for the Internet of Things," Kreisher said.

The group has signed up 1,000 adopter members, or individuals with an interest in getting involved in the M2M space. These members come from businesses mainly in the logistics, health and energy sectors, the key sectors the IMC is focusing on at present, covering a range of job titles. The majority are based outside of North America, since the group has yet to start a marketing push in that region.

"They want information. They want knowledge," Kreisher said, explaining why so many people have joined the IMC. Those 1,000 members were recruited in the space of about three weeks, he said.

The IMC is in Barcelona to present its new Internet of Things content library, which currently contains around 50 case studies looking at return on investment. The group is keen to share information on business metrics and best practice in the IoT space.

"We're stronger together," Kreisher said.