This eBook was created to support the 2012 Total Telecom Finance Summit, a focused event for those involved in finance and investment for global telecommunications.

We asked a selection of our speakers what they think will be the greatest financing and investment challenges for the telecoms industry and how they can be resolved. We hope you find their answers interesting and thought provoking. We interspersed those executive insight pieces with a selection of features relevant to the event that appeared in Total Telecom+ over the past few months.


- Back to business: Telcos tackle network investment, the economy and the OTT challenge.
- Network investments: KPMG’s Peter Wimmer predicts new forms of telco funding will emerge.
- Telco evolution: the potential of big data, cloud computing and multimedia content.
- Place your bets: telcos have important choices to make
- Investing in Russia: Investors eye up Russia’s potential but foreign telcos should be wary.
- Platform games: how telecoms players can gain influence and profits.
- Healthy debate The health sector is one of many new verticals proving attractive to telcos.
- Sharp focus: telcos may sell non-core assets.
- Capacity shortage Constrained network investment could lead to rising prices.
- Sinking funds Investors weigh in on the European next-generation access debate.

If you find the content of the eBook interesting, then you may want to find out more about the 2013 Finance Summit. Visit the website. The 2013 Total Telecom Finance Summit takes place on the 9 & 10 October at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London.