As mobile Internet services and Web pages become more advanced, network operators need tools at their disposal in order to maintain quality of service and understand how customers are using their networks.

"[The mobile experience] is getting more sophisticated as we move to 4G," said Paul Mockapetris, founder and chief scientist at domain name system (DNS) solutions specialist Nominum, which this week unveiled a new suite of products targeted at the mobile space.

"The mobile world is going to be the broadband world five years from now," he told Total Telecom. "People are going to need more help."

Nominum's new mobile suite includes a mobile packet core solution, which integrates caching and DNS services into a single solution for 3G and 4G networks. It also features solutions designed to improve network and service visibility for operators; boost network efficiency and reduce latency; and protect against various types of security threat.

On the network efficiency side, Nominum says it can enable operators to get more out of their spectrum by reducing the amount of time it takes a mobile Internet page to fully render, providing a better customer experience and also using less resource.

"[We can] save the carriers bandwidth... and that goes directly to their bottom line," said Mockapetris.

"We've deployed with a few mobile operators," he added, including Telefonica, Vodafone, China Mobile and China Telecom.

Nominum has a much stronger presence in the fixed-line space, serving 500 million broadband users, "whether they know it or now," Mockapetris said. However, the company hopes that the new product set will help it to build a "better market share in the mobile world," he concluded.