Video accounts for the bulk of mobile data traffic used by mobile subscribers in the EMEA region and the Americas, while users in Asia-Pacific lean more towards Web browsing, according to a new study from mobile Internet platform provider Bytemobile.

Subscribers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are the most avid users of video, with video taking up an average 43% of data traffic volume, the study found.

Bytemobile's Mobile Minute Metrics report, published at Mobile World Congress on Wednesday, collates data from a global cross section of the platform provider's mobile operator customers' networks. The company's products and services have been deployed by 115 operators across 56 countries.

The study showed that Internet videos watched over mobile networks average about 5 minutes in length. However, users watch video content for an average of less than 60 seconds.

"The majority of mobile data subscribers watch only the first few seconds of any given video," Bytemobile said in the report.

The findings also showed a long tail when it comes to videos downloaded.

Just 6% of videos are downloaded by 1,000 times or more, on the same network, while10% are downloaded up to 1,000 times and 36% up to 100 times.

The iPhone has been both blamed and applauded for increasing the amount of data usage on mobile operator networks.

According to Mobile Minute Metrics, the top three iPhone applications – video, Web browsing and iTunes – account for 87% of total iPhone data volume on operator networks.

Again, video came out on top with 44%, followed by Web browsing (29%) and iTunes (14%).

The next highest iPhone bandwidth consumer was Facebook; the social networking site alone accounts for 5% of the total.