"Streaming Analytics" is a fundamentally new approach to generating insights from the avalanche of data that traverses CSPs networks. The Guavus solution is able to fuse, correlate, and integrate data that is constantly in motion, including IPDR, Flow, event logs & DPI data, with data that is stored in warehouses, including BSS/OSS, & reference data to generate valuable insights that we're previously unavailable. Business users across the organization, from customer care to network operations, are now able to make intelligent, data-driven decisions based on the information they need, when they need it.

Guavus is currently working with some of the largest fixed and mobile service providers in the world. This webinar will illustrate how CSPs are leveraging the Guavus streaming analytics approach, including multiple use case-led analytical applications, to improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer care and the overall subscriber experience and contribute to an uplift in revenue through the monetization of new services and products.

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SPEAKER: Eric Carr, Vice President of Analytics, Guavus, will describe the new analytics model and give real world examples of how CSP customers are using the Guavus platform to incorporate data driven decisions into their business for competitive advantage.

This is a recording of a webinar originally produced in November 2012. Click here to listen for free.

About Guavus and the Guavus Platform

Guavus provides solutions for timely, big data decision-making for Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 enterprises. Guavus's platform, which comes from more than a decade of R&D, consists of an integrated big data analytics technology stack – coupled with a business logic layer – to codify industry-specific, big data analytics applications. Tier-one Communications Service Providers (CSPs) across North America count Guavus among their largest analytics deployments and are using the platform to control costs and maximize profits. Guavus is a venture-backed company based in Silicon Valley, California.