Huawei Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution is referred to as SingleSDB. SingleSDB consolidates and manages CS, PS, EPC, WLAN, M2M, and IMS user profiles, addresses the aggregation and exposure of subscriber data. It helps to optimize infrastructure with unified data repositories across diverse applications such as HLR, HSS, EIR, AAA, MNP, and SAE-HSS. SingleSDB enables easy access to complete subscriber data. This allows carriers to analyze usage behavior and target future services more effectively.
Huawei SingleSDB solution has been commercial deployed from year 2007 without any data service failures. It has become the industry best practice for SDM reliability.
Importance of Reliability in SDMSDM reliability is a major cause of concern for carriers. The recent years have seen disastrous network outages and service interruptions resulting in significant losses.